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Information for Dependants

This page is where you'll find information if you are a dependant, or a representative, of a current or former member of the BOC Pension Scheme (BOCPS).

If the member was in the RS Plan it is likely they were transferred into the My BOC Pension Plan.

What to do if a member has recently passed away

If a member of the BOCPS has recently passed away, their pension is probably the last thing you’ll want to think about, but there are some steps you’ll have to take. We’ve made the process as easy to follow as possible.

1. Inform us about their death

To make sure their pension benefits are administered correctly, you will need to inform the Trustee about their death. To let them know, please download, fill in and return a BOCPS Death of a member form.

Managing your pension

If you’re currently receiving a BOCPS dependant’s pension, please help us by making sure you keep your details up to date. If your details change at all, you’ll need to fill in and return the appropriate form so that your pension can be paid.

You can find all the forms and contact details you need on this page.

Contact details

0800 096 3214 (lines open 8:30 – 16:00 weekdays).


Write to:

BOC Pension Services
43 Church Street West
GU21 6HT

Download a form

Read more about

Pension information

BOCPS is the defined benefit scheme that closed to new members on 30 June 2003.

If the former employee joined the Company on or before 30 June 2003, it is likely that they were a member of BOCPS.

For more information about the BOCPS, read Your Guide to the BOCPS. For recent financials, you can read the BOCPS Summary Report and Accounts newsletter, or the full Report and Accounts.

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