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Plan information

How it works

The way the RS Plan works is simple: you and the Company contribute into your RS Plan Account. You choose where to invest your Account and then you decide how you want to use it when you retire.


The way your Account is invested can make a difference to the amount of money you have when you stop working, so it’s important that you consider your options.

You can choose between two styles of investments: BOC Lifestyle and BOC FreeChoice.

In BOC Lifestyle In BOC FreeChoice
  • The Investment Manager appointed by the RS Plan Trustee decides which funds to invest in and when to change between them.
  • Your Account is invested according to a set pattern which depends on your Normal or Target Retirement Age. Your Normal Retirement Age (NRA) is 65 unless you choose a Target Retirement Age.
  • You choose which funds to invest in and when to change between them.
  • You are responsible for the investment strategy you use.
  • You can include BOC Lifestyle funds in your BOC FreeChoice selection if you want to.
I’m happy for the Trustee to manage my investments
You don’t need to do anything! However, it’s probably a good idea for you to know the basics. Read Your guide to investments for an overview.
I’m confident managing my own investments
To change your investment choices, complete a Change of investment form.
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If you want to monitor the various investment options available to you in a bit more detail, you can read the online fund factsheets.

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